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Jennifer T.

Хочу записаться
на бесплатный урок!
Опыт: 9 лет
Курсы: Общий курс, разговорный курс
Интересы: Sewing, camping, watching movies and series.

A very warm hello to everyone out there, my name is Jennifer and I am a native English speaker. I live in sunny South Africa. I live on a farm near to a little city on the coast of South Africa called Port Elizabeth. I was born in South Africa and still live here to this day, it is a beautiful country to live in with all the beautiful greenery and scenery.

I am a lovely person to talk to and very patient with my students. I enjoy laughing and smiling in my classes. I unfortunately cannot speak Russian or any other language, but I do my best with Google translate if I don’t quite understand a word or phrase that you have said, it has helped me for many years in helping my students understand the English words better. I also like to learn about the different cultures around the world, and hear what is happening in the different countries.

I have been teaching English online for nine years now, and enjoy it very much, helping people from around the world learn English. I have taught students from all countries that do not speak English: Russia, Germany, Brazil, Northern Africa, and so forth. I am familiar with their cultures and how different the cultures are from each other. I have gained my TEFL/TESOL certificate for this and am qualified for this field. I also studied English in tertiary school (College) in my course of Fashion Design where I received a national diploma. I have also taught students from all the different levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2 (also known as Beginner to Upper Advanced), so I understand the different methods of teaching the different levels, I will be able to adjust my classes appropriately for you.
If you choose to have me as your teacher, you will be able to have many types of classes with me for learning English, such as: General English lessons, which relate to using English in everyday situations like general conversations, going on holiday, and so forth; Business lessons to help you talk to clients and co-workers that use English for communication, you can also learn business terms needed for more professional communication, as well as giving presentations to clients or co-workers, or management, correspondence in business is also very important, and I can help you with that too; I also specialise in Grammar with things like using prepositions, sentence structure, verb tenses. In my classroom, I try to make my students feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. I like making my classes interesting and a fun learning environment. If you want to make jokes in class to help you feel more comfortable, feel free to do that with me, I love to laugh and have my students laugh with me. I tend to smile a lot in class to show you that I am listening and want you to feel comfortable to make mistakes with me, and not feel uneasy that you have made a mistake. I hope that you will choose to have me as your teacher, and I am sure that we will have fun and enjoy the lessons together. Alfa School goes through great lengths to ensure that you have the best teachers available to you to help you learn English to the best of your ability.

Истории успеха наших студентов

Выпускница Alfa School  – Инна Гарипова. Инна Гарипова
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Студент Alfa School – Шуклин Фёдор. Шуклин Фёдор
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