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William S.

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Опыт: 18 лет
Курсы: Общий и бизнес курсы, разговорный английский
Интересы: As I live in Thailand, my hobbies and interests here consist of swimming and working out every day, playing billiards on occasion with friends and reading both online and offline. I enjoy knowing about current events and I try to keep myself as well informed as possible.
Hello. My name is William. I am a Canadian who was born in Canada and grew up there. I graduated from the University of Alberta in Canada with an undergraduate degree in Sociology. I was employed as a social worker for many years but I decided to change careers in 1995 and become an ESL teacher instead. I lived and worked in South Korea from November 1995 until March of 2007. While living in Seoul, I taught English at a private school,a famous high school and Kyungwon university near Seoul. In addition, I tutored students of all ages and backgrounds on a part time basis. I also taught Business English in various companies in Seoul, Korea. In 2007, I decided to move back to Canada where I continued to teach English in a private language school in Vancouver, Canada. I taught General English, IELTS and university preparatory courses.
My students in Canada came from many diverse countries such as Brazil, Mexico, Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea and China, as well as various European countries. I also made the decision to upgrade my qualifications so I completed my TESL certification both theoretical as well as my practicum. In July of 2009, I returned to Asia, to Thailand, which is where I live now. I taught Business English in a company in Thailand as well as being a sessional English instructor in a university. For the past several years, I have been actively teaching online full-time. These days, I am focused on improving my skills as a professional online teacher. I always try to determine the needs of each individual student following an initial assessment during the trial lesson. I employ a variety of textbooks and audio at different levels in my classes. I look forward to meeting new students and I hope to continue my career as an online teacher for many years to come. Thank you.

Истории успеха наших студентов

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