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Charles V.

Charles V.


Опыт работы 17 лет

Ведет курсы

Деловой, Для продолжающих, Разговорный

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Вы должны согласиться с обработкой персональных данных
Вы должны согласиться с обработкой персональных данных
Вы должны согласиться с обработкой персональных данных
Рассказ о себе

Hello, my name is Charles Voss and I am a Native Speaking English Teacher and Personal Development Coach at Alfa School. I specialize in helping my clients speak English with confidence and pleasure by concentrating on the 5 principals and 7 actions necessary to learn a new language as fast as possible, many times in as little as 6 months. Communication First, Perfection Later. We concentrate on communication and speaking first, just like we learned to speak when we were very young. Once we’ve built a strong base or foundation, we then work on Perfection: Perfecting your language skills.I work with both Business Executives and Entrepreneurs who want to develop their English skills for Business AS WELL AS Private individuals who want to improve their English so that they can communicate more confidently when travelling and when speaking with their foreign friends and family members. As for my business background, I have over 30 years senior executive business experience (21 years in Russia), I have had the good fortune to help hundreds of people influence audiences by developing their skills in sales, negotiations and public speaking. And about me personally, I LOVE TO COOK! Cooking is my hobby and my passion and I get to practice it every day because I do virtually 100% of the cooking in our family. I also love downhill skiing and walking in nature with my family. I look forward to working with you in the future.

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