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Kayte F.

Kayte F.


опыт работы 24 года


  • 2000University of Leeds

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Ведет общий и спецкурс для взрослых. Готовит к IELTS, CAE, FCE



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“The mind is not a vessel to be filled, but a fire to be kindled.” This is a favourite quote of mine, because I strongly believe that a teacher’s role is to inspire their students and help them discover a life-long passion for the subject, rather than just ‘spoon-feeding’ them knowledge. I’m Kayte! I’m from London, England and have been a teacher since 2000. I have a PGCE in Secondary English/TESOL. I’ve worked in English state schools, as well as private language schools and tuition centres, online and offline, teaching children, teenagers and adults. I adore language, both reading and writing. I’m a published writer in the UK print press and can’t seem to eat a meal without reading at the same time. (An online English broadsheet newspaper keeps telling me I’ve read more than 3000 of their articles this year so far.) I love to help learners find their strengths and hone them. I aim to be a student’s ‘mirror’, reflecting their abilities and skills, so that they gain confidence and recognise their unique qualities. I believe that speaking is at least 80% about believing you can do it. I create personalised programmes for all my students, tailor-made to support their individual goals, strengths and areas for development. What’s in your mirror? I’d love to meet you, and then we can find out.


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